Used Tops

All products are for sale under the “Used, Scratch & Dent, or Clearance” section and are sold as is, without warranty. Please call for pricing and availability.

  • Used Campers & Tonneau Covers


2019-Current Sierra 5.8ft ONLY Leer 100XR (USED) Uresti South 210-623-2411


2014-2018 Silverado Sierra CC 5.8ft Leer 700 Uresti South 210-623-2411


2007-2013 Silverado RC 6.5ft A.R.E. Cab High Uresti South 210-623-2411


2004-2006 Silverado/ Sierra 5.8ft Leer 180 (Used) Uresti North 210-655-8077


1988-1998 C/K1500 Silverado/ Sierra 6.5ft Ranch Sierra Uresti South 210-623-2411


1988-1998 C/K 1500 Silverado/ Sierra 6.5ft Cab High Uresti North 2100-655-8077




2009-2018 Ram 5.7ft Leer 550 Uresti South 210-623-2411


2000-2004 Dakota 5ft Impulse Cab High (USED) Uresti North 210-655-8077


2021-Current F150 5.5ft Leer 100XR (USED) Uresti South 210-623-2411


2015-2020 F150 5.5ft Leer 700 Uresti South 210-623-2411


2015-2020 F150 5.5ft Leer 700 OVERSTOCK Uresti South 210-623-2411

  • J7 Mag
  • UH Tux Black
  • DS Silver Sky
  • UX Ignot Silver


2008-2016 F250/350 7ft (USED) Uresti North 210-655-8077


2009-2014 F150 6.5ft ATC Commercial Top (USED) Call for pricing 210-655-8077



93-99 T100 8ft Leer 100R (USED) Call for pricing 210-623-2411


T100 Long Bed Century Cab High (USED) Call for pricing 210-655-8077


Unknown Fitment Tops

Compact 6.0ft Truck Uresti South 210-655-8077